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Since I've last posted...

Chile won the America cup, much to every Chilean surprise and happiness (even if you don't care for football or sports in general, you have to understand what it means to a small country like mine to win at something we are really passionate about through hard work and tough luck).

After two people being fired last week at my workplace, a new guy was hired more or less at my same level. So far, the guy is nice enough, seems willing to work hard, and doesn't look like he want to go over everyone's head to get noticed (something that happened with the last one hired... my old boss).

I bought the newest Tegomass concert on DVD plus Pi's album from last year. I also watched Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata all over again to get to the ending, which I had not watch before (the end felt a little flat, but I still cried everytime Masato cried, and that happened a lot), and I also watched the first five episodes of Algernon ni Hanataba wo, and that one is breaking my heart!! It was way better than I was expecting, and Pi was great in it!! Whoever was behind that drama took the subject matter seriously enough not to abuse the idea of making a dumb guy smart, took their time with it, and the emotional component was key, and treated with so care... I'm loving it, but of course I can see it's gonna end BADLY! I'm gonna cry myself stupid with this one.

I'm also having a dose of Ashmore love. I watched the first episode of Aaron Ashmore's Killjoys, and I'm also finally finishing with Shawn Ashmore's Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures. Killjoys was better than expected, considering the low budget SyFy usually works with, but I'm sad Aaron is the third main lead and not the first one. It's clear the story is gonna be more focused in the other two. On the other hand, Blooletting has been a lot of fun. I like the non-linear storytelling, and the fact that even though is all about a love triangle, is not clear how it's gonna end and the guys actually get along. Plus, Shawn Ashmore AND Mayko Nguyen? I'm in love!!

OK, enough for now. I just wanted to write these things to get into the rhythm of writing here once again.



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Jul. 10th, 2015 10:20 am (UTC)
Australia won that once (in the 80s I think) and we, collectively, as a nation, lost our freaking minds... Our Prime Minister drunkenly tried to declare a public holiday of sorts, haha! You guys celebrate all you like!! Congratulations!
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