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You've been waiting in the sun too long...

It's been a while since I've post here and I promised myself I would not let so much time happen again, so here I am.

About my grandma, I'm better. I'm not really sure what to feel anymore about the subjet, but it's been ten years since Claudia died and I still don't know how to deal with that, so I'm guessing it's normal.

I just wanted to pass by to talk about the two awesome concerts I went to this past week. Last week I went to see Blur and Beck, and this week I got to see Travis <3 and Lana del Rey. I got lucky with some tickets for the Blur/Beck concert and went with a few friends. I'm not a huge fan, but damn if both shows were as awesome as I expected. Both know how to put a show, even if for me it was way too short. Beck was a special guest, so it was OK for him to have a one hour show, but Blur has enough hits to give a two hour show (at least!) and it lasted around an hour and a half. Here in Chile bands give two to three hour shows, so and hour an a half is way too short! Still, they sounded fantastic and I had a great time.

Because once I go to see a show I like, I need to go to see more and more shows shortly after, I went looking for whatever else was in town and the Indie Fun Fest was yesterday. And Travis was in the list. I LOVE Travis. They are one of my favorite bands out of cheer niceness. They are so damn lovable! The first time they came to Chile was in 2007, to another music festival, where The Killers was gonna play. So, of course, everyone was there too see The Killers. I barely knew one Travis song by then, but not half an hour in, they had the audience singing along songs we didn't even know! They are very charismatic and fun upstage I completely fell in love. So of course I went to see them. And they rocked it once again! It also needed to be way longer than it lasted (and hour and a quarter), but again, they weren't the only ones playing so it couldn't be longer. I hope next time they come it's for their own concert, not a festival. I'm pretty sure they are the kind of bands that play until they don't have anything else to play.

Lana del Rey was also good, but I honestly didn't even know who she was before the festival. Most people were there to see her, and man they sang half the songs from beginning to end. She was very attractive and her voice very soothing and nice, I enjoyed the show, but it was ridiculously short (less than an hour, I think). I don't get all the fuss, though. She needs to have more of a career to have such rabid fans, is what I feel, I guess.

I regret not going to the Offpring and Black Sabbath concerts a few months ago. I did went to see The Killers back in april. I don't even like them specially, but twice I've gone with friends and this time around I had waaaaaay too much fun during the show (we got drunk and high on energy drinks and tried to get into the dressing room speaking in broken English, and when that obviously didn't work we ended up drinking in the streets, still speaking in broken English, and we were almost busted by the police... and the next day I decided going to work on my bike was a good idea. Good times). I also went to see The Cure, that was expensive but really good, even if the show was so long (three hours and a half) that two hours in they run out of known songs and started playing obscure songs (for me) I had never hear before.

Then there was UPA!, an old Chilean band I didn't even remember having listen to but my friend Alicia (the same one from The Killers, we're coworkers and neighbors) was going and invited me along. It was fun, if a bit outdated, and we got to talk with one of the bandmates! (we also tried to go backstage, but no luck once again. At least we weren't speaking English?). And in may I took my brother Joaco to see Andrés Calamaro. Man, his music is terrific and his band awesome, but he wasn't all that into it, sadly. We still had a good time, though.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I also got to see Suju live!! I got lucky and found a friend in the concert venue. I'm not as much a fan anymore, but I wanted to see them live and even though Yesung wasn't there and that was a big loss musically, the show was a lot of fun and I screamed like an idiot. I think it went on for more than three hours. Most of the time it was the guys trying to communicate with the fans, they were really sweet about it, and made an effort trying to speak Spanish (and the Chilean slang specially).

Now I have one concert left. I'm going to see Jason Mraz in three weeks. I'm really happy about it because I've been waiting for years for him to come to Chile and if not for this sudden interest in watching more shows, I'd have miss it.

Now, because I'm going to Europe next year, I also will be looking for shows there. I would LOVE to see Travis play somewhere in Scotland, considering I'm going there. I'll be happy listening live any kind of group there. It's Scotland!! They surely have lots of great bands and artists all over the place.