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I've become seriously obsessed with watching movies the last year. Growing up I used to watch lots of movies, mostly in me teens and the first few years of university. I had a movie theater across the street from uni, so every time I had a test of something, I went there afterwars. Then... I just stopped. I gave more priority to tv shows and books and fics, I guess. Those were alwars relevant, but going to the movies became expensive and the rest didn't (well, books have always been expensive, but when I was younger I didn't have to buy the books, I got them as presents).

Anyway. Last year I came across a movie podcast on youtube. The Shmoes Know Movie show. I got there though the Screen Junkies show, the people behind Honest Trailers. So, because all of those people were really excited about movies, while being funny and informative about them, I got really excited about movies as well. I'm watching three to five movies per week now, either at home, my parent's home (Netflix) and at movie theaters once again. It's been a lot of fun. Not only I'm watching more blockbusters, but a bit more low budget films I usually don't give enough of a chance.

Because I'm watching more movies, I've been watching less tv, I guess. Grey's was hilariously bad this year, I haven't managed to get that into NCIS the last few seasons, nothing new really got my attention...

Book-wise I've only just added more half-read books to my long list of unfinished. The last one I finished was The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fford, that was a pleasant surprise discovered on my trip to Europe last year (that I didn't read until this one). A mix of literature geekyness mixed with sci fi comedy. I totally recommend it!

The last movie I watched? not a good one. Fantastic Four. It's actually worse than the reviews described! I mean, I've seen a lot worse movies, but I've been pretty lucky this last year, because I usually follow the recomendations of the Schmoes, Alicia Malone and Chris Stuckmann, serious movie critics, on my book. But I wanted to watch just how bad this one was. I'm not a FF fan, not really, but I respect their long Marvel history and the impact of their participation in crossover storylines. I really like Johnny Storm and his underachieving playboy personality, I value what Susan has become over the years (from a damisel in distress to a complete badass), and is hard not to be fond of Ben Grimm. Reed is an asshole, but he comes with the package. I don't understand why it is considered so hard to tell their story and not be able to make it compelling. Yes, their origin story is old school and way too "sixties", but screenwriters and directors have managed to "modernize" other comics before, why not this one? I don't agree that Josh Trank had a good movie until Fox turn it into crap. The editing and pacing is bad all the way through, I don't think I would have enjoyed all that much his version of the movie, because there are flaws that come from the script and the concept. They were way too young to be in charge of building dimension-travelling machines with no involement from grownups except for daddy Storm (who really is useless in taking care of things, really). It bugged me that every character was SO underdeveloped. I didn't mind that Johnny was black, even though I do think being a blond white privileged kid is part of what makes Johnny, well, Johnny, but his relationship with "big sis" Sue is one of the things I most enjoy about the FF universe and it was nonexistent here. Also nonexistent is Ben and Johnny annoying the crap out of each other (also relevant in the FF universe) and Ben and Sue being sweet to each other (and being way a better couple than Sue and Reed, one of the things the Ultimate universe did right). Seriously, Ben didn't interact with anyone except Reed and an annoying gum chewing guy, there was no gravitas to their situation during or after. And there's almost no action! I totally understand why Doom fans were so offended by this version of the character as well. He is so much more complicated and badass and ridiculous than what we got in this movie.

Both Antman and Avengers Age of Ultron had problems and were far from perfect movies, but they work in the sense that they had balance between gravitas and fun and development. FF tried being more edgy and it only ended up being more dull. That's my main worry with the upcoming DC universe, because while FF is way worse than Man of Steel, that movie also lacked the fun part of superheroe movies and was too serious and as such too tedious, for me. I don't think Batman V Superman is gonna be tedious, but trying to be "darker" can take away the enjoyment of the storyline if it's not done right.

As for other movies coming out the next few months... I want to watch Legend, The Revenant (I'm in a Tom Hardy kick), The Walk, Snowden, Man from UNCLE, American Ultra, Joy, Sicario, Crimson Peak, Goosebumps (the little girl in me is going crazy over this one), Trumbo, Spotlight, The Lady in the Van and The Hateful Eight. Though, really, I'm more excited about movies coming out next year: Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War, Dr Strange, Magnificent Seven, The Jungle Book, TMNT 2 (even though I didn't like the previous one), Passengers, Story of your Life and Hail Caesar!. Yes, I'm very aware about movie-making now.


Since I've last posted...

Chile won the America cup, much to every Chilean surprise and happiness (even if you don't care for football or sports in general, you have to understand what it means to a small country like mine to win at something we are really passionate about through hard work and tough luck).

After two people being fired last week at my workplace, a new guy was hired more or less at my same level. So far, the guy is nice enough, seems willing to work hard, and doesn't look like he want to go over everyone's head to get noticed (something that happened with the last one hired... my old boss).

I bought the newest Tegomass concert on DVD plus Pi's album from last year. I also watched Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata all over again to get to the ending, which I had not watch before (the end felt a little flat, but I still cried everytime Masato cried, and that happened a lot), and I also watched the first five episodes of Algernon ni Hanataba wo, and that one is breaking my heart!! It was way better than I was expecting, and Pi was great in it!! Whoever was behind that drama took the subject matter seriously enough not to abuse the idea of making a dumb guy smart, took their time with it, and the emotional component was key, and treated with so care... I'm loving it, but of course I can see it's gonna end BADLY! I'm gonna cry myself stupid with this one.

I'm also having a dose of Ashmore love. I watched the first episode of Aaron Ashmore's Killjoys, and I'm also finally finishing with Shawn Ashmore's Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures. Killjoys was better than expected, considering the low budget SyFy usually works with, but I'm sad Aaron is the third main lead and not the first one. It's clear the story is gonna be more focused in the other two. On the other hand, Blooletting has been a lot of fun. I like the non-linear storytelling, and the fact that even though is all about a love triangle, is not clear how it's gonna end and the guys actually get along. Plus, Shawn Ashmore AND Mayko Nguyen? I'm in love!!

OK, enough for now. I just wanted to write these things to get into the rhythm of writing here once again.


Don't think. Feel. Bring it on!

Huh. It's been forever and a day. But, the thing is, I'm in some kind of NEWS kick and I've been watching the music videos and the concert documentaries and the concerts themselves. I even went looking for the albums and DVDs that have come out since I stopped paying attention from NEWS, Tegomass and Pi.

It's weird. When I first started watching and enjoying all of these things I was still in school and I was using my dad's money to buy stuff. Now I'm watching the Livex3 concert in my own flat screen in my own apartment. I've been listening to Code and Loveless and Sayonara Boku no Machi at work! I've also go looking for old fics and I kinda want to see old dramas... Maybe new dramas as well, I have to go look for them.

As for coming back here... well, I've always wanted to, I just didn't give myself the time. In my defense, I haven't had any time for doing things properly in a very long time. I guess I just got back from my trip to Europe and work has been not as crazy, so I'm giving it a chance once again.

I've been watching a lot of movies lately, specially since I got the flat screen last christmas. Not as many tv shows, though. Last movie was last saturday, named Enemy. It was based on a Saramago book channeling Kafka. Weird shit. I wonder what the director will be capable of with a Sci Fi script, which is his next movie, Story of Your Life with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, and then he goes off to direct Blade Runner... I don't know about the first one, I hope is good, but the second? Yeah, he's perfect for that one.

Nothing more to say for now. Hopefully it won't be that long until next time.


You've been waiting in the sun too long...

It's been a while since I've post here and I promised myself I would not let so much time happen again, so here I am.

About my grandma, I'm better. I'm not really sure what to feel anymore about the subjet, but it's been ten years since Claudia died and I still don't know how to deal with that, so I'm guessing it's normal.

I just wanted to pass by to talk about the two awesome concerts I went to this past week. Last week I went to see Blur and Beck, and this week I got to see Travis <3 and Lana del Rey. I got lucky with some tickets for the Blur/Beck concert and went with a few friends. I'm not a huge fan, but damn if both shows were as awesome as I expected. Both know how to put a show, even if for me it was way too short. Beck was a special guest, so it was OK for him to have a one hour show, but Blur has enough hits to give a two hour show (at least!) and it lasted around an hour and a half. Here in Chile bands give two to three hour shows, so and hour an a half is way too short! Still, they sounded fantastic and I had a great time.

Because once I go to see a show I like, I need to go to see more and more shows shortly after, I went looking for whatever else was in town and the Indie Fun Fest was yesterday. And Travis was in the list. I LOVE Travis. They are one of my favorite bands out of cheer niceness. They are so damn lovable! The first time they came to Chile was in 2007, to another music festival, where The Killers was gonna play. So, of course, everyone was there too see The Killers. I barely knew one Travis song by then, but not half an hour in, they had the audience singing along songs we didn't even know! They are very charismatic and fun upstage I completely fell in love. So of course I went to see them. And they rocked it once again! It also needed to be way longer than it lasted (and hour and a quarter), but again, they weren't the only ones playing so it couldn't be longer. I hope next time they come it's for their own concert, not a festival. I'm pretty sure they are the kind of bands that play until they don't have anything else to play.

Lana del Rey was also good, but I honestly didn't even know who she was before the festival. Most people were there to see her, and man they sang half the songs from beginning to end. She was very attractive and her voice very soothing and nice, I enjoyed the show, but it was ridiculously short (less than an hour, I think). I don't get all the fuss, though. She needs to have more of a career to have such rabid fans, is what I feel, I guess.

I regret not going to the Offpring and Black Sabbath concerts a few months ago. I did went to see The Killers back in april. I don't even like them specially, but twice I've gone with friends and this time around I had waaaaaay too much fun during the show (we got drunk and high on energy drinks and tried to get into the dressing room speaking in broken English, and when that obviously didn't work we ended up drinking in the streets, still speaking in broken English, and we were almost busted by the police... and the next day I decided going to work on my bike was a good idea. Good times). I also went to see The Cure, that was expensive but really good, even if the show was so long (three hours and a half) that two hours in they run out of known songs and started playing obscure songs (for me) I had never hear before.

Then there was UPA!, an old Chilean band I didn't even remember having listen to but my friend Alicia (the same one from The Killers, we're coworkers and neighbors) was going and invited me along. It was fun, if a bit outdated, and we got to talk with one of the bandmates! (we also tried to go backstage, but no luck once again. At least we weren't speaking English?). And in may I took my brother Joaco to see Andrés Calamaro. Man, his music is terrific and his band awesome, but he wasn't all that into it, sadly. We still had a good time, though.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I also got to see Suju live!! I got lucky and found a friend in the concert venue. I'm not as much a fan anymore, but I wanted to see them live and even though Yesung wasn't there and that was a big loss musically, the show was a lot of fun and I screamed like an idiot. I think it went on for more than three hours. Most of the time it was the guys trying to communicate with the fans, they were really sweet about it, and made an effort trying to speak Spanish (and the Chilean slang specially).

Now I have one concert left. I'm going to see Jason Mraz in three weeks. I'm really happy about it because I've been waiting for years for him to come to Chile and if not for this sudden interest in watching more shows, I'd have miss it.

Now, because I'm going to Europe next year, I also will be looking for shows there. I would LOVE to see Travis play somewhere in Scotland, considering I'm going there. I'll be happy listening live any kind of group there. It's Scotland!! They surely have lots of great bands and artists all over the place.


Vacation time

And I'm here again. New month, new outlook at life! (not really, but I'm trying)

Lan Airlines has tickets to Europe on sale. I'm very tempted to buy one for next year. I was planning on going to the World Cup in Brazil next year, but the friend I was going with is now pregnant, so no money nor time to do that kind of thing for a while. I've been thinking of going to Europe for a while now... I have relatives in Denmark, Germany and Norway, and all of them have invited me to visit them since we took care of them when they were here in Chile. I haven't had a proper vacation since New York in August of last year, so I have lots of days saved to visit almost everywhere. I want to go to London and Bruges as well. I've been saving money as well, though it will be way expensive anyway.

The only vacation time I took properly this year was a week on February, when I went with my parents down south, to Punta Arenas. Half the trip was spend on sea watching humpback whales (they were beautiful and big and playful and wow!) and the other half was spend in the far south of Tierra del Fuego relaxing watching foxes, penguins, condors and very unwelcomed beavers. It was very nice, but oh, so short a time!

OK, that's all I'm gonna write today. But I did write!! I'll try and write more tomorrow.


Make your own kind of music~

Here I am again.

It's been forever and a day. I'm not sure why exactly I decided to write once again today of all days. I've been trying to make to do lists with all the stuff I know I should be doing and I haven't been doing lately (like, in the last YEAR), calling friends and see how they are doing, buying stuff for my apartment because I can't keep living without proper chairs and I need something to kill plant bugs, cleaning up my computer files, finish off a bunch of books... One of my "to do" was write here, because I've wanted to, all year and a half I haven't, because I do tend to feel better when I write things down, and it helps me remember moments and feelings, and I can be both superficial and deep in the same paragraph is I want to, and I like that, I like this, I haven't "out-grown" it. I still don't like facebook much, I can't keep up with twitter. I like to rant, and I haven't, in all this time!!

But, I wonder why I decided to do this now, write now, when my mood is kind of weird (actually, I'm kind of dizzy because I went to the blood bank today, maybe that's why), but I'm good at contemplate life when I'm in weird moods. September was a crappy month, pretty much the worst September ever since ten years ago. That doesn't help. But the month is finally ending, I'm trying to have a better outlook in life, and in december it will bee my ten year anniversary in LJ. I kind of want to celebrate it. And I kind of have to write here to be able to celebrate I've been here! (plus my English is crappier than ever because of my lack of practice).

So, what have I been doing since I last wrote here, in May of 2012? Lets see...

In June of 2012 my cousin Max came to visit from Denmark. The last time I saw him before last year was in 2001, when he was 9. He was adorable when he was 9, let me tell you. Now he's all grown up and his British girlfriend Abby came with him and they stayed with us for a month. Ever since 2010 we have been reciving visit from relatives from all over (Canada, Germany, Norway, Denmark) once a year. While I've liked them all, Max is the only one so far directly related to me, and because we keep in touch with the family in Denmark, and my mom and my aunt are kind of similar, it wasn't hard to feel the familiarity with him. Abby was very nice and sweet as well, I liked her dry British humor. I think they had a great time with us, because when they found out my parents were traveling to Italy this year they decided to book a trip there as well and hung out with them in Venice. The only downside was the lack of free time that means having relatives at home for a month.

In July, Max and Abby left, just in time for me to get sick. I ended up in the emergency room with influenza and later bronchitis. That happened, of course, because my room was damp all through winter, cold as hell, and it got flooded a day before I ended up in bed. So my room was my room no more and after a couple of days sleeping in the living room like I used to do when my grandma first came to live with us, I took over my little brother's bedroom. Thankfully, by then the apartment I had decided to buy had its paperwork already in process, so I only had to wait a month as a refugee in my own house for it to be usable. Sadly, by then I was so incredibly bussy I didn't have time to move!

And then, it came August. The first half of the month was stressfull because my boss was leaving us and we had to close lots of projects before that and before I left for my well-deserved vacation time. Which I did. I spent the second half of the month in New York, visiting Niagara Falls with Lupe, and then the Big Apple on my own. It was AMAZING. I didn't plan the trip with a lot of time, because I only came to the idea at the end of June when a promotion from the airline was available and Lupe managed to plan part of her trip there to be with me. It all worked out, I had a great time there. There were lots of stuff I didn't get to do, but there were lots I did and I definitely want to go again. I totally get why it gets so much fuss. I liked LA and San Francisco as well and the little town of Sanpoint Idaho, and people in all those places were incredibly nice, but NY was awesome (I have a thing for chaotic big cities, that's why I liked Mexico City so much as well).

It all came crashing down pretty quickly on my return to Chile, though. I didn't even got on the plane back home and I found myself with the big bosses of the company I work for in the airport. It's a big ass airport! and my bosses managed to take the same flight than me. I should had know how things were gonna go from then on...

September 2012. My direct boss had just quit, and I took her place. Ever since then I think I've grown a lot as a profesional, learned a lot, but damn it, I've been exhausted all year long. I've become a workaholic and a perfectionist even more so than before, and while I work with a lot of people that are the same way, there are several others who are the complete opposite and are a pain in the ass to work with. I like my workplace a lot, but it's ridiculously chaotic, and the last year, specially the last few months, I've been working myself to the grownd to get things done.

And that's why I'm here now, I guess. I've had enough. I have started crying without proper reason three times now since last August (I was tired, people were screwing up, things weren't getting fucking DONE). Crying is a stupid reaction I have when I'm angry, not when I'm sad, but it looks like that, very pathetic.

Anyway. After the specially crappy month I've had, I want something better for me. I want time for me that feels a bit more productive than just watching TV and reading fics. I haven't finish a book since forever...

In October 2012, I finally had time to move to my own place, my apartment. I love it there. Sometimes I miss my parents and my brothers and the fact that the fridge was always full, but I see them once or twice a month still, and it's nice to have my own space, specially after not having a place at all with the leaks and the flood and the humidity. Hell, I still have trouble sleeping when it's raining because a part of me thinks a leak is gonna shower me in the middle of the night. It took me a while to fill it with actual furniture (specially curtains!), but now the only big thing missing is chairs, and to hang my pictures and posters and paintings.

I've become a fan of plants since then. I still don't know much about them, and I've had several losses in the process, but because of my schedule I can't keep a pet, so plants keep me company.

In October I also finally finished the course I was taking on Environmental Law. It was a good enough course, some things could have been done better, but I got to take lots of stuff out of it, so I'm glad I took it. I'm glad it ended in October as well, because it was taking way too much time by then. Sadly, this year was a bit useless in academic achievment, but hopefully next year will be better. Either taking another course or working on my thesis, of which I have done nothing about in three years.

I don't remember much of November of last year. It was all work and making my apartment a place fit to live... Ah! But something good I started doing, I started running! As it turned out, one of my friends from work lives a block away from my apartment, and she loves running, so she convinced me to run with her sometimes. I haven't really slim down or anything (I eat and drink too much crap to be able to), but for the next few months until February I ran either on the weekend in the park close to my new home, or sometimes in the mornings before work (now I live closer, so it wasn't such a problem to get there earlier. I stopped doing that once the weather got bad during fall and winter, but now I want to start again, and to do that I signed up for a run next November. Lets see how I do.

I have lots more things to talk about, what I've been doing and then of course talk about fandom and I have to go around LJ reading what everyone else have been doing, but since I got to a pretty positive point, and I'm still at work and I have to go eat something to stop feeling dizzy, I will leave it at that today. I'll try to continue tomorrow.


It's been too long since I've written anything here, and to be able to talk about as many subjects as possible, I'm gonna go one topic at a time.

I've been reading a lot this year, finishing off books I started reading years ago. I'm particularly invested in a sci fi collection called Remnants. It's 14 short books by K.A. Applegate.

This is the best description of the books I've find so far: In the first book nearly everyone dies. Then it gets worse. In a last-ditch effort to save some small remnant of the human race of the impending destruction of Earth by a big rock, a handful of people get shipped off to nowhere land. 500 years later, when they finally *land* somewhere, things start to go horrible wrong. It's one fo those stories that has lots and lots of characters, and every book ends up killing a few, because the stakes are high and that's what happen when you don't know what the hell you're doing and aliens are out to kill you.

The thing is, this was written as a "young adult" series, and as such, the main characters are mostly children and adults are usually useless. That's OK, because Applegate knows very well how to do attractive characters and she gives the limelight to pretty much everyone at one moment or another. And that's what I've always enjoyed best: stories with lots of characters and room for all of them to do something, even if that something is so horrible wrong!

I'm half way done with the books. It only takes me a couple of days to read them, but I'm also reading a lot of Japanese authors lately, because I got myself in a Book Club and that's what we're reading right now. It's been fun, and weird, because not since school I had to worry about understanding a book if I could just enjoyed it, but now I have to because I have to talk seriously about said book with several other people. It makes me focus better, I guess.

Both Offspring and Eureka came back in April. And I'm enjoying both shows LOTS. I wasn't all that interested in the Offspring premiere because I wasn't all that into the finale last year, but in the end I ended up loving it anyway. I guess the Proudman family is just too lovable to not find them compelling and heart-breaking and sweet. Of course, the best parts of the first few episodes were Billie and Jimmy having no brain-to-mouth filters (which is a constant in this show) and the whole sperm debacle involving Billie, Mick, Mick's brother and now his new boyfriend. I'm hoping to laugh and cry and laugh again this season like I did the first two.

Now, Eureka... damn, knowing this is the last season makes me sad. While maybe *too* quirky for average taste (and thus, a bigger fandom), and the sometimes too silly storylines, I loved the big arcs this show has come up, and how the characters and their relationships have grown over the years. It's not something many shows can actually accomplish. And this season started with a bang. Space travel turning into time travel turning into THE MATRIX! I would have liked the whole issue to turn more dramatic and lasting longer (not four years longer! just, a few more months for dramatic effect), but I like that they're still dealing with what happened with the crew and their time apart after the rescue, so I can't complain. I'm glad it seems Zane and Jo are FINALLY hooking up for real (not that the casual sex and the angsty tension wasn't fun also). I'm sad Holly died, but that scene of Zane offering his sholder to Fargo and Parrish being nice totally compensate for it! And while I'm all for Jack/Allison and Zane/Jo, I'm with the fans that think Allison and Zane should have totally hooked up in the matrix!

Talking about quirky shows, I can't help talking about Community, that thankfully is getting a fourth season!! 13 episodes it's nine or ten episodes too short, but it's better than nothing at all. I've specially enjoyed the civil war documentary parody and the Law & Order homage, but there's no episode of that show that I don't find lots of fun. I'm glad I get another season of it!

I've been watching a lot of Shonda Rhimes' shows this past few months. While I've always know that Grey's Anatomy is a guilty pleasure and not all that good television, I wonder now just how BAD it actually is. See, I don't have a clue about medicine, so while I assume most of the super surgeries that come up on the show are not really that possible, for me they do sound probable. Like I just thought the writers did research and used whatever new technique has come up in science journals. Now I'm thinking most of it is just inventive crap.

I tried to stomach Off the Map when it was on, but it was way too offensive to watch after one or two episodes. I think I managed four. I mean, OMG, I know a big part of the US knows squat about how things work in Latin America and those kind of mistakes are made when dealing with pretty much any country that isn't yours, but what a way to go overboard with the stupid and offensive plots!

And now I'm trying to watch Scandal and not cringe at every dialogue and plot twist that comes out every week. It's just so... BAD! So basic and embarrasing! There a handful of good actors in here and they are wasted in an attempt of developing the bastard child of Grey's Anatomy and the West Wing!! I'm pretty sure this show is gonna get cancelled, but I do wonder how the hell did it manage to get on the air in the first place. It's just bad television.

And because I'm a sucker for Sci Fi, I've just downloaded Defying Gravity, which was selled as "Grey's Anatomy in space!!" which sounds horrible, but I'm a masoquist that way. Plus, the show is suppose to based on the BBC's Space Odyssey, which was a wonderful two hours drama filmed as a moslty believable mokumentary. Of course, I just saw that the nerdy Canadian geologist who was in a relationship with the no-nonsense Russian engineer in the original, is now a pretty faced American having the hots for the also hot American hero of the story, who punches his commanding officer and goes to space to save a suicidal crew member instead of following orders. Right. I'm seeing where this is going...

As for Grey's. Well, I was DELIGHTED with the last episode giving Alex all those nice things he totally (and finally!) deserve... except all is gonna be taken away from him by next week, because that's how things work for him. Oh, how I wish Justin Chambers wasn't interested in staying around for the next season. He didn't had anything to DO during this season! I love Alex and I will always enjoy him on my TV, but it was a good ending for him, taking the dream fellowship program with all those wonderful perks (paying his loans! Having enough money to buy a house! Having enough money to help his family! Come on!!), just as the year before it would have been a good ending having him go to Africa. Now I have two head!canons to chose from when things get crappy for him again. I think his boards' storyline was ridiculous because he loves to savotage himself but going back on a whim from SanFran to Seattle was just silly, as was getting angry at his evaluators for not waiting for him and trying to trick him. I'm glad he looked so sure of his answers, though. And that comment Cristina made about the Hopkins' guy knowing Alex is a jerk kind of fixed the issue for me. Of course, the whole interaction between Alex and Cristina was awesome, both the hug and the dialogue about spaguetti being a reason to stay. Loved it. I could totally do without the plane crash, and by know I do hope the death is Lexie because it just depresses me how she was wasted as a character and while I don't want to deal with Mark's angst next year, I prefer it to any more Mark/Lexie debacle and babbleling. We'll see.

I think that's it for now. I'm in the middle of buying an apartment, which is taking way more time than it should but it will happen this month, I hope. Work is crazy busy, but what else is new? I got myself back to school taking a class on Environmental Law, it last until October, so we'll see how crazy it makes me by then. I went to the stadium last week and watched a wonderful soccer match where my favorite team won 6-0 in a fantastic display of what the sport is all about.

NEWS is coming back!! At least they are realising an album, which is good enough for now! Now I'm hoping for my next Pi activity and I'm trying not to watch Ryo's new drama because while it's innocent enough, it still makes light of issues you're not suppose to be so obvious at making light on!

I've also been VERY into comic books lately, and watching the Avengers movie certainly hasn't help in slowing down on the downloading and reading. Same goes for the Avengers animated TV show, who just helped confirm that beside Wanda, Hank Pym and Clint Barton are probably my favorite avengers. I also have a soft spot for Scott Lang, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, so far. I'm also really, really enjoying Wolverine and the X-Men and Bobby and Kitty having "moments". I just wish people wrote about it!! So much fic potential!!

OK, now I do stop.


Gods, I miss them...

I miss having free time as well...

I also think I need to change one of my icons. I still love Tenipuri, but now my sanity is being totally stolen by Community!


"Here, hold my Annihilus"


Johnny Storm is alive!! YAY!

I'm a happy comic book geek! Just when I got around to realizing that I actually liked the Human Torch, he got killed off, so I'm happy to see him around again! And having "a moment" with Peter Parker. Aw, I like it when comic book characters come back to life!

In other news, I'm thinking of having a paid account, but I'm not sure. Is it worth it just to have more icons to use?


Life has been busy and the internet got broken in the process, but I won't talk about that. The first post of the year is gonna be about the new drama I'm watching: Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata (Ending Planner).

Why? Because I got myself into a few classes on Japanese culture during the summer time to force me get out of work early and learn something just for the fun of *learning* something, and just when I'm doing that, there's a Japanese drama coming about one of the most relevant issues in the Japanese culture: Death, or more exactly, how to live our lives considering how short it is, and what (and who) we leave behind, when our time comes.

I'll be honest, I don't like the subject of death. It's just too depressing and scary. But I like when stories use death as a method of developing or uncovering deeper issues on how we live our lives, mostly how we choose to live it, in the little amount of time we have for it.

This drama is mainly focuses on rescuing what people that are no longer with us, tried to accomplish while they were alive. It reminded me a bit of Voice, or the premise of it, in any case. It was a bunch of medical students that take a class on forensic pathology and end up resolving the death of the bodies that come to their autopsy table on every episode. The idea was good, but the structure of each episode was too formulated, every episode ended up having the same situations and it was too predictable, not to mention how fantastic and nice all those dead people were, it was eye-roll worthy after the third episode.

I've only watched two episodes so far of Ending Planner, but I'm liking it way better than Voice already. It helps that it has three of my most favorite Japanese actors in the cast, of course. But I like it mostly because it's not just one route of storytelling, we get several plot points being developed at the same time. It's has lots of family issues (daddy just died issue, taking care of the family business issue, brother is MIA issue, sister had an accident issue, siblings get involve with the wrong people issues...), it has the "mystery of the week" storyline to solve (what's the story behind the dead body), it has a developing romantic relationship (our lead character in charge of the funeral service and a detective... and every other girl he happens to meet, it seems), and it has the subject of death, how we live our lives, how we mourn, how we move on.

Of course, it's not perfect. The younger actors are to cringe for sometimes. But I've deal with that before, I can enjoy around it, when the plot it's worth it. Yamazaki Tsutomu alone is so amazing that anything else can fall behind him. The dialogue is very light and friendly, for such a sour subject. The little things are appreciated, like the beautiful family dog and the bonsai trees and how the younger sister seems to be getting liquids thrown at her every time there's a fight in the household...

A good way to start the year. Lots of work, some fun time, learning interesting stuff, reading books (I'm in the fourth one right now!) and good, entertaining and heartfelt TV.

EDIT: Also, new layout!! Nobuta~ <3